Bonjour, Paris…


Touched down in Paris at 7:30am on Saturday. We grabbed a cab and arrived at the apartment by 9am…washed up and hit the ground running…Bonjour, Paris!

Strolled the Marais and dashed over to Chez Hannah on Rue des Rosiers to indulge in a fabulous fallafel…lines even in November.


The fallafels in the Jewish section of the Marais are completely different than in America. They have amazing roasted eggplant, pickles, the lightest balls known to man and heaps of veggies…always great and worth a repeat visit.


On the way to Ile de la Cite, we passed many incredibly beautiful flower shops…the french know how to display. Pharmacies even make hand lotion and Tampax attractive.


Notre-Dame is celebrating its’ 850th birthday…it looks better than ever. I need to inquire as to the church’s surgeon. The views are spectacular as a viewing stand has been erected so you can really take in all the clean up and intricate details.

Notre Dame
Notre Dame

Next up, shopping on the left bank around St. Germain de Pres…Celine, Prada, Valentino, zigging and zagging the Rue Dragon, Rue des Saints Peres and Rue de Grenelle. The Ralph Lauren store on St. Germain is beautiful and has a gorgeous courtyard restaurant called, Ralph. (dah)

Over the Pont Neuf to the Louvre at sunset with the Eiffel Tower shimmering in the distance. The statues are all illuminated and the Carrousel du Louvre is sparkling.

Louvre, Carousel de Pyramid                                                                                                                                Carrousel du Louvre

It’s almost closing time so we dash over to Christian Louboutin and bask in the glory of the red sole…oh la la!

Back to the apartment to prepare for our dinner at the cool, new restaurant, Bones. I shall review soon, but will provide a visual of the uni with smoked potatoes and crispy shallots.

Uni with Smoked Potatoes
Uni with Smoked Potatoes

Walk the 2 miles home after two amazing bottles of red from the Languedoc region.

Jim Morrison's Grave
Jim Morrison’s Grave

Sunday starts with a visit to the flea Market at Clignancourt and a stop at the enormous and grand Pere Lachaise Cemetery where Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Sarah Bernhardt, Corot, Delacroix, Yves Montand and Edith Piaf are buried.

Reflection followed by a  hearty stroll to the beautiful Buttes-Chaumont Park, a 61 acre park in the east of the city little known to many visitors. It was commissioned by Napoleon in 1861 and took over 4 years to complete. The visas are fantastic with views to Sacre Coeur, lakes, rolling hills, jogging paths and a suspension bridge.

Buttes-Chaumont Park
Buttes-Chaumont Park…view to Sacre Coeur

On the stroll back to the apartment, we had drinks at Canal-St. Martin and home to connect with you, my dear readers and then off to dinner. Bon nuit….

Parisien Bedroom
Parisien Bedroom



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  1. My favorite city of all time! I hope you’re loving it!!

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