Blue Hue…

I am beyond angry.

Now the sociopath wants us to drink the Kool-Aid in the form of hydroxychloroquine.

The smartest man in the universe, according to himself, Agent Orange, who has been reading Science for Dummies, is advocating that those severely affected by the coronavirus should try the drug.

According to Dr. Genius whose waistband now matches his IQ, “What have we got to lose?”

Apparently, Dr. trump has nothing to lose financially.

Trump’s promotion of the drug has raised questions about his motivation and on Monday the New York Times reported that the president holds “a small personal financial interest” in Sanofi, the company that makes a brandname version of hydroxychloroquine.

The real experts say we have patients to lose from experimenting with the drug.

Trump wants us all to die, especially those in the blue states so he can guarantee the popular vote victory.

I am now actively waving a flag and thankful for governors like Cuomo (NY), Newsom (CA), Whitmer (MI), Holcomb (IN), Pritzker (IL), Inslee (WA), DeWine (OH), Lamont (CT), Murphy (NJ), Raimondo (RI) and Brown (OR) who are all color blind,  true patriots and proactive leaders.
Red used to be my favorite color.
Now my world has taken on a decidedly blue hue.


  1. Anna Holbrook says:

    Toby, I was listening to Dr. Oz yesterday on the radio – he was as angry as you at the way this drug has become politicized. He says this drug has a proven record, as does the antibiotic it is often used in tandem with and that it should be incorporated as soon as possible because the potential to have a significant positive effect is enormous. The hatred of this president and his horrific inability to speak – should not ‘trump’ logic.

    Just my two cents

  2. ellie lupo says:


  3. ellie lupo says:

    so so so upsetting…grrrrrr

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