Bite Me…


Savor the moment.

The Yankees started the second game of the series with the Texas Rangers on Tuesday evening down by five runs after the 1st inning.

Horrendous pitcher, Chris Capuano, was starting in place of superstar pitcher, Masahiro Tanaka, in order to give him six days rest in the rotation…wouldn’t it be grand if we mere mortals were able to work every 6 days and earn $22 million per year?!

Capuano walked five batters right off the bat. In the top of the 2nd, the Yankees brought it and scored 11 runs and went on to win 21-5.

Chris Young Hits Grand Slam Homer
Chris Young Hits Grand Slam Homer

That to me is a perfect  game…let the hits just keep on coming.

While I attempted to watch the game, our puppy, Finnley, kept me running in the field. She wants to bite everything, but it appears that only Restoration Hardware furniture or my facial features satiate her.

While the Yankees were racking up the hits I was racking up the hurts.

Life’s like that.

Sometime you win and sometimes you have to deal with the insanity of youthful exuberance and their biting ways.

Finnley B
Finnley B

That must be why puppies and babies are so darn cute and lovable.


  1. So cute awwww

  2. Paula Lopez says:

    Oh I just love her!

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