Birthing Another Trumpster…

When you find a life partner that you love, like, respect and deem the perfect fit then you have hit the love lottery.

If that special someone has money and connections more power to you.

Which brings me to a person I never thought I would   unpack any info about because my first thought is to place her and her family in bubble wrap and pack them all away in a completely inaccessible place.

Curiosity got the better of me after Lindsey Graham announced this past weekend that by retiring North Carolina Senator Burr placing a Trump guilty vote, Lara Trump will definitely be the next viable Senatorial candidate from North Carolina.

Well, before I start funding the democratic nominee from the great state of North Carolina I wanted to be objective and supportive of a driven woman so I was interested in seeing what was behind the Lara curtain beyond marrying a trump (marriage for Dummies addition as she hooked the dumbest in all the gold plated land).

Well, darling Lara is from North Carolina so there’s that and she named her daughter, Carolina.

She attended North Carolina State and her in depth political experience includes being a chef and personal trainer.

Trump was a story coordinator and producer for the TV show Inside Edition from 2012 to 2016.

She was a board member of her husband’s charitable foundation which ceased operation at the end of 2016 and has recently come under fire for misuse of funds.

During humpty trumpty’s 2016 campaign, Lara spearheaded the Trump-Pence Women’s Empowerment Tour (isn’t that an oxymoron) and served as the Trump Tower liaison for former trump campaign manager, Brad Parscale’s, company.

After her father-in-law was elected president, she became a host of Trump Productions’ Real News Update and an Orange fundraiser…wonder how that happened?!

In April 2019, finding her voice, she stepped into the international spotlight and described German chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to accept refugees as “the downfall of Germany; it was one of the worst things that ever happened to Germany.”

I did not find international or German political experience in her resume unless she mastered German pastry making during her stint at the French Culinary Institute in New York.

In 2020, Lara, once again, went to work as a senior consultant to disposed trump campaign manager, Brad Parscale.

The campaign paid her $180,000 a year through Parscale’s private company, Parscale Strategy.

The embraceable Lara found time between hosting, fundraising, consulting and mothering to campaign with the anti-Muslim far-right conspiracy theorist, Laura Loomer who was a far-right GOP nominee for Congress in Florida. Loomer has been banned from Twitter and every other social media platform.

Nepotism alert…in February 2017, Lara’s brother, Kyle Yunaska, became part of the team of temporary political appointees working to transition the Department of Energy to the new trump administration.

In 2020, he was named Chief of Staff for The Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis within the Department of Energy, an office responsible for climate change policy.

The Washington Post put the suspect power play on “nepotism watch” as Yunaska allegedly lacked any discernible background in energy.

Yunaska does, however, have a background in being one of “D.C.’s hottest bachelors,” as named by Lara’s one-time place of work, Inside Edition…D.C. must be hard up for single guys.

Lara is a huge animal rights supporter and yet her husband has traveled to Africa to hunt down and kill big game.

So, in conclusion, I guess her in depth political experience is in nepotism and corruption so she should be good to go.

Lovely Lara, the next Republican superstar.

Photo:Express Digest


  1. Well done expose. Did not know her background is that bad.

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