Birthday Boy…

Birthdays need to be celebrated…for long stretches.

If you aren’t celebrating then there is a good chance you are not present, if you know what I mean.

Bitch’s Biker Boy

Yesterday was David’s birthday and his biker bitch wanted it to be a smooth road.

Breakfast in bed is a given.

I was up early sautéing smoked salmon, sweet onions and folding the concoction into an omelette along with grilled fingerling potatoes and cappuccinos.

Satiated, we took a sunrise stroll on the beach.

Unfortunately, work interferes with life’s pleasures so after present opening hoopla, David had to confront reality.

After Pilates, I picked the birthday boy up and whisked him off to lunch al fresco, with more surprises and a birthday cake.

Food is obviously an integral part of all life’s highlights.

Yet again, David slunk back to servitude, but the day was young.

Dinner at a new, fabulous restaurant in Hollywood framed the evening’s gaiety.

The full birthday fantasy comes to fruition next week when we jet off into the friendly skies of United to a island in the Gulf of Mexico for a joint birthday celebration.

Yahoo, let them eat cake.

Anyway, I am now anticipating three weeks of joint birthday merriment.

Hopefully, upon our return from beyond the southern border, the wall will not deter our arrival and we can return to a Trumpless America.

Happy birthday, my wild and crazy May baby.



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  1. Paula Lopez says:

    Happy Joyous Healthy Birthday Wishes!!!!!

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