Bionic Woman…

Last week I participated in an interesting staycation.

I traveled east and settled into a room with a lovely river view.

Three hours before my scheduled departure it was a priority to validate my pre-bionic prowess by taking a final spin and weights class which, apparently, was the chatter surrounding my surgery in the operating room.

Upon my arrival at Hospital for Special Surgery, I was welcomed with open arms.

Run like a well oiled machine, I entered the double doors and once registered I was stripped down, wrapped up and deposited into one of the dozens of operating rooms, gently knocked out and turned into a bionic woman.

Presently, I am unable to leap tall buildings, but hopefully, I will be more malleable in a few months.

There are notable restrictions, an involved rehab, but it’s Hip to be Square and Repaired.

A shout out to the impressive orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Amar Ranawat, his efficient office staff and the amazing female anesthesiologist (I cannot remember her name…blame it on the drugs) and her dazzling assistant, Wendy…a truly winning team.

And now for a rousing chorus of, I’m Walking On Sunshine…Wooah.


  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery. All the best.

  2. ellie lupo says:

    welcome to the club!!!! Do all that they they recommend and you will be better than new!!!!!I am lucky enough to have a matched set……rest relax.but do listen to PT person……helps the healing. Glad it is done and over. love,

  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Please keep us updated.

  4. Nancy D Russo says:

    Getting back to a new normal soon! BTW, I always thought you were bionic kiddo!

  5. Melissa Tufeld says:

    Wait, you’re NOT Bionic Toby? Could have fooled me. Good thing we sit to eat.
    Wishing you a relaxing and binging recovery. Binging it multiple ways! Xo

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