Best Things In Life Are Free…

Sunday was perfection.

We arrived at the beach by 8am when the sands of time were free of humans.

On the way we picked up fresh bagels and I had packed smoked salmon, capers, lightly salted heirloom tomatoes and whipped cream cheese.

After the trudge across the wide expanse of California beach which felt like a trek across the Sahara, we settled in to make delectable breakfast magic with the challenging plastic cutlery.

Sandwiches made we stretched out on our Tommy Bahama reclining chairs with the canvas cup holders and gazed out into the endless Pacific Ocean.

Then the show began.

A dozen dolphins began swimming in circles, splashing like frolicking children and performing arcing dives in sync with each other.

The display continued for hours and we sat mesmerized completely captivated by the show…our souls and stomachs satiated.

We spent all day on the beach, reading and “listening” to the Yankees who finally won a game.

The dolphins never faded away, bringing unmeasurable afternoon delight.

Life can be so incredibly rewarding and entertaining.

A day like Sunday, which provided so much joy reminds me that as custodians of the planet we all must be conscious of doing our part to respect and protect precious Mother Nature.


  1. Louise Newman says:

    I enjoyed your account of a perfect Sunday at the beach.

    Delightful. Hope all continues peaceful for you both.


  2. That’s a wow!!🐋🦈

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