Belt It Out…

Who says a government worker can’t possess a sense of humor and a hankering for style.

Saturday morning at LAX I placed my luggage on the security scanning belt.

I walked through the X-ray machine and positioned myself on the other side, awaiting my possessions.

The TSA agent signals to me and bellows, “Are these your bags?!”

I am thinking, damn, he’s going to rip my carry on apart and it is filled to the brim.

I approach and he asks, “Is that a Gucci belt in your luggage…is it a Gucci covered in pearls?!”

I am taken aback and quickly regroup and answer yes!

He proceeds to tell me that he recently gifted his girlfriend a Gucci belt.

As he helps me with my bag he comments that she loves designer stuff and he has also given her Fendi and Louis Vuitton.

I praise his taste and turn to leave the security area.

He yells after me, “You have some nice pieces in your bag…love your taste! Have a great flight.”

Expect the unexpected.

There are no secrets in the Homeland…I chuckled all the way to the departure gate.

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  1. haha,,,one never knows where complements will come from!!!!

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