Before Dawn…


The serene beauty of a new day.

I appreciate every new dawning, unless the Giants have lost to the Cowboys.

I am not someone who chooses to rise and shine, hit the pavement or the gym, but I do revel in the solitude and quiet.

I will go as far as walking to the beach and listening to the surf roll in after I publish my daily post. It’s awe inspiring to witness a sunrise. It’s reassuring to know that the sun will definitely come up today, tomorrow…

Time alone before 8am sheds light on clear thinking, creativity and objectivity as opposed to the nights when you wake in the middle of the night from a deep slumber, start focusing on issues at hand and cannot get back to sleep.


Before dawn I love the silence, a puppy lying in your arms sleeping soundly, the first cup of coffee, the feeling that anything is possible.

Wait…this does not sound like me. Perhaps happy little aliens invaded my sleep last night as David is out of town and I am seemingly vulnerable to outside influences.

It’s actually 5am on Wednesday and I just had my first cappuccino while cuddly my two dogs. I am watching the NFL Network still trying to make sense of the NY Giants ridiculous loss.

Off with your head Uncle Tom Coughlin (NY Giants head coach) and Eli Manning…did you have an aneurysm during the last 2 minutes of Sunday’s game?

My addiction aside, the world, at this very moment, is a good place.

Maybe Cher and I can Turn Back Time and delay the sun from rising so I can wallow in early morning bliss just a bit longer.

Enjoy Cher singing, If I Could Turn Back Time…

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