Bed Head Epidemic…

What happens during the night to your hair?

We need to ponder the importance of a cure.

Bed head is a serious blight on all.

Seeing a parted, flattened head on a subway, in the streets, the workplace, at a social gathering causes undue discomfort.

The moral dilemma is do you inform the victim.

As with something obvious hanging out of your nose, an eye booger, an errant black or green object caught in between teeth, toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe, a skirt caught in pantyhose exposing way to much information, do you approach and confront?!

This, my friends, is the conundrum.

Do not fool yourself…It’s spreading.

It used to be a malady mostly affecting the elderly caused by lack of interest in the rear view or arthritic hands that are unable to navigate the back of one’s head.

Satin pillowcases are only an organic remedy.

Women are in need of a stronger, more effective aide.

If you are not engaged in carnal pleasure or do not suffer from violent nocturnal tossing and turning then what is the reason for all hell breaking loose on your head during the night?

Men suffer as well, but the side effects are not as dibilitating

I just made a bold move and posted on Facebook, setting up as well as making a generous donation to HairTodayGoneTomorrowMorning.

Please consider donating even though my birthday is not until May.

Remember, a blowout costs an average of $50.

If we can find a cure, the universe will be a more beautiful place and this divided country willl begin to heal from this biPARTisan movement.

Thank you in advance for your donation and God Bless America.

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