Be Nice…

Cheers to kind, classy people.

Unfortunately, inappropriate actions and words are rampant.

Always have been.

Always will be.

Many are still mulling over The Slap and rewarding bad behavior.

Last night I was out to dinner with my husband.

The restaurant owner had graciously moved a bar stool over to accommodate us so that we could sit together at the bar as only one seat was available.

Shortly after, the stool next to me opened up and I asked the gentleman next to the now empty seat if he was saving it.

He responded no and my husband said than I would move down so that the servers had an unimpeded path to the bar.

The guy who is no longer worthy of the gentleman moniker said to David, “You are better looking. I want to sit next to you!”

While that may be true, it was highly inappropriate.

Clearly, I was not his type.

But, why say that out loud.

Everyone heard the obnoxious comment and embarrassed, he attempted to walk it back.

I proceeded to elegantly take him down in a non-aggressive way.

The crowd was on my side.

I am a confident woman.

People need to think before they speak, especially when they are drinking and their personality is as ugly as their pleather jacket, Pandora jewelry and deep spray tan.

Being a class act, I obviously kept the wardrobe commentary to myself until now.

Be nice…pass it on.

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