Barkin’ Up The Wrong Tree…


What does it tell us about our human relationships when we examine relationships with our pets? I would do anything for my dogs. I spend hours kissing them, cuddling with them, walking them, creating custom meals. This past year alone we spent thousands of dollars keeping Berkeley alive and as healthy as possible despite her condition.


When my menopausal insomnia kicks in, I devote hours during the middle of the night to hangin’ with Berkeley and Madison. Madison is a major cuddler…she sees a blanket and it is analogous to a bull seeing red. She rushes me, circles several times and then crash lands into my side, demanding that the blanket cover her. It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable I may be, I wouldn’t dream of disturbing her. When David crowds me, its a quick jab and he is out of there.

I would sell most humans up the river for my dogs. Does entitlement play into this? Our pets, dogs in particular, are completely devoted to us, obeying their master (if they are well trained), dependent on our moods, availability for daily constitutions and frequent toilet breaks.

We are in control… wait, let’s rethink this. Actually, we do bow to their every whim and demand and we come when called. We beg for love, behave for attention, spend freely on toys, food, clothing and bedding (their beds cost more than a set of 500 count Egyptian sheets for my bed). I do not remember the last time I ate a meal without sharing.

Perhaps the inmates are running the asylum and we are being led around by the collar. Frankly, I do not care. I am so madly and completely in love that I cannot bother to push back. I better go. they need me to fix their organic meal and then take them out.

i love my dog

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