My PopUp dreams came true.

I recently lamented that we attempted to sample the hot and trending bagels from PopUp Bagels in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Wiped out…by 11am there was not a bagel to be found.

It’s a cult with deeply devoted fans.

You need to order in advance. If not, the line is blocks long or tragically, you are denied.

Our fab friend Ross knew of our dilemma and actually lives near a PopUp Bagel shop so he ordered ahead and invited us for a bagel orgy last Sunday.

The selection was enticing…crispy poppy, sesame, everything and plain awaited our consumption and critique.

Cream cheese schmears were smooth and tasty…Scallion Cream Cheese, Artichoke and a luscious Cinnamon Brown Sugar Butter.

The bagels are crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside.

We sampled and we were very impressed.

PopUp is very different from the. stellar Courage Bagels in Los Angeles. I am calling a tie for first in the bagel universe for different reasons.

The process is very simple to purchase PopUp Bagels.

Select your location (NYC, Greenwich, Redding & Westport, Connecticut, East Hampton, NY, Wellesley, Massachusetts)

Build your bagel  bag (minimum a dozen) and select your schmears.
Pick up at a chosen time.
Popup Bagels started as a Connecticut backyard pickup window with the sole purpose to share a newly created bagel recipe with friends.
It has now grown to multiple popup and six permanent locations for always-fresh weekend pickup.
Ross and Bowzie were great hosts and the Bagelpaloosa was memorable.
Pop in for a Pop Up…it’s well worth it.

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