Bad Cinderella Debuts On Broadway…

Bad Cinderella, a new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, has arrived on Broadway.

I will get to the play.

Allow me to set the scene…I felt that I was being filmed for a Bad audience reality show.

It took my breath away, but not in a good way.

I am not trying to portray anyone in a bad light, but I was wedged for 2 1/2 hours between an obese mother and daughter. Room for me was at a premium.

Act I was Pringles and Coke…Act II was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups which was fitting as I felt like the filling.

For 10 minutes a guy yelled out for Raymond who was a handsome, muscular dancer in the cast.  The manager arrived to quell his enthusiasm.

As the orchestra was beginning the overture for Act II an older gent was parading up and down the aisles screaming bible passages and praying for audience members.

A woman fainted behind me.

As with the musical, last night featured too many solo performances

Now for the play.

Set in the exceptionally beautiful kingdom of Belleville, the  prince is charming and the townsfolk are ravishing.

Only one intractable bad attitude peasant stands in the way of sheer perfection: Cinderella.

Cinderella’s only friend in Belleville is the charming prince’s brother. Sadly, when Prince Charming mysteriously disappears, his brother is thrust into the spotlight.

As the new royal heir, Prince Sebastian must choose a bride at the ball and live unhappily ever after.

And, cue the music…

The play is very tongue in cheek, featuring a Cinderella with a badass attitude.

I might have enjoyed the audience participation more than the musical, but the sets, costumes and cast were very good.

And, let me tell you about the Good Husband.

Bad Cinderella finished at 10:35pm. I do not take the subway after 9pm anymore. Taxis and Ubers are tough to come by in the Times Square area after theater. My saint of a husband walked down with our doggie to escort me home…a very Good Husband💜

BTW, I worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Saw the show over 60 times.

I could never live through 60 Bad Cinderellas.


  1. oh dear,what a night and what a knight!!!!!!happy you got home safely……..

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