Back In The NYC Saddle…

New York state of mind.

Funny how every place has its own agenda.

Yesterday, it was challenging getting up and out around 7am to walk the dog in the freezing cold.

The sun was out, but not shining on my extremities.

Central Park was radiant and a bit icy.

The Peloton looked a bit droopy and sullen having been ignored for over one month.

Once I turned it on Cody came to life and kicked my butt with a high intensity 30 minute workout with arms.

I must admit that when I walked into our New York apartment I was taken aback. I forgot about the renovation and was really excited with the new look.

Staying close to home as Covid has exploded here…again.

More drawers to straighten and closets to rearrange?!

It is convenient to have concierge service for garbage and box disassembling…in Florida it seemed as if all we did was take Amazon boxes apart and have multiple daily forays to the dumpster.

The car is now insignificant as your legs are the exclusive mode of transportation and seeking the best gas prices becomes obsolete.

If you can do it here you can do it anywhere…

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  1. Welcome back!

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