Baby Come Back…

Just finished a 30 minute spin, 10 minute arms and 5 minute core.

Core workouts are killers.

I was once told by my doctor that after menopause your midriff/stomach area  becomes troublesome and that part of your body can revert back to that jelly belly of a toddler.

Why am I working so hard if the reality is inevitable?!

The Tooth Fairy was last week, the core has a mind of its own, the wrinkles are stylish on linen, but not on the face.

If everything is going back to the early days of life can’t we lighten the load and balance the aging process with a mindless lack of reality as in losing all sense of guilt, financial relief from mortgage responsibility, taxes and adult anxiety.

I just want to happy, get applause for merely smiling and adorably shaking my head Yes and No, meal prep being someone else’s responsibility and the oohs and aahs for looking huggable and fabulous in every outfit I am dressed up in.

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  1. Ellie lupo says:

    Those were the days……….I have unhappily found that not teaching dance nor adult swim for now a year….my taut put together body has “relaxed” and not in a way I appreciate. Just smile and move on an wait till all decides to tighten ,hopefully,once again.. Keep on spinning!

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