There’s a flood of braggarts polluting the atmosphere.

Why…short of stature, below average appendages, inferiority complex?

I never knew the world had such perfect offspring, gifted grandchildren, luscious husbands, bikini bods to die for, expansive mansions, elite custom vehicles, perfection in design, glorious wardrobes, outstanding athletic prowess, a never ending knowledge of world politics all emanating from an Ivy education.

Holy crap, can’t anyone stand on their own merits?!

What happened to kind, thoughtful, generous of spirit and just serving up and presenting good ole you in all its naked glory.

No one wants original parts anymore.

Original face features are harder to come by than parts for my 1978 VW Bug.

No wonder plastic surgeons make out like bandits…everyone wants a smaller nose, bigger lips, Porsche spoiler rear ends, perfect breasts, a pronounced chin, chiseled cheekbones, a model’s body, even length toes to shine in summer sandals.

And if you can’t make it, fake it with fake designer bags and large chunks of cubic zirconia.

Stop with the bluster and be your own embraceable self.

Enjoy an authentic weekend.

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