Au Revoir…

Did I wake up in Belarus yesterday?

The airwaves were reeking with the stench of propaganda from the rank mouth of America’s autocratic prig during Day One of the RNC trumpalooza.

Agent Orange served up way too much negativity and an insurmountable mountain of lies (alas, the climb would find my Nikes covered in human excrement) rendering it impossible to savor my morning coffee.

I just could not bear to hear the lies about Lazy Joe,  Socialist Joe and how we have the greatest economy in the universe and vote by mail is a Democratic Party ploy to sabotage the upcoming election.

It is all shrouded in darkness and so third world.

I hold contempt for every ninny that voted for this piece of garbage and has us drowning in his sinkhole of corruption.

What are all the good Americans going to do if satan is re-elected?

At least I have France as an escape hatch.

Then it will be Au Revoir, shithole country.

I shall remain hopeful and pull a Michelle, prodding myself to  go high.



  1. Never thought I would share such pathetic sentiments about a U .S. President. But I do. Hoping for a great November. Otherwise I will visit you in France.

  2. The only response to the RNC is not to watch! Why give this being one more second of your precious life!

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