Au Revoir, Paris…

Place de Voges, Marais
Place de Voges, Marais

So much to say… I am on the plane, winging my way back to New York City to resume normal programming.

What an amazing trip. Paris is one of the best cities in the world. Last night we strolled the Marais with hundreds of Parisiennes and had an incredible time looking in stores windows, watching the crowds, listening to jazz musicians play on street corners.

Jazz in the Marais
Jazz in the Marais

A huge group surrounded a devout rabbi on Rue de Rosiers while he pontificated on Israel…we were all hangin’, munching on a fallafel…the Jewish section of the Marais is known for producing top notch fallafels.

The streets in the Marais weave in and out and the buildings are all made of stone, framing the cobblestone streets. Imposing museums dot the district and a medieval ambiance engulfs the area.

My family was compelled to sample every fallalel store on the street and drum roll please, L’as is hands down the best fallalel in the civilized world. L’as beat out Chez Hannah and Chez Marianne’s by a mile.

L'as Fallalel
L’as Fallalel

The crispy cabbage was the kicker along with crunchy balls, garlic pickles, eggplant in a delicious tomato sauce, enveloped by a too hot to handle pita…all for 5 Euros. I wish I could duplicate and bring to the U.S.

L'as Fallafel
L’as Fallafel

We toasted our departure at a hip new restaurant called, Le Mary Celeste. If cool is where it’s at, count me out. We had our worst meal in Paris. It looked as if they tried to duplicate a Williamsburg, NY restaurant and everyone was dressed chic, men had their pants low and their underwear bands sticking out.

The women were all anorexic and blonde…maybe that’s why the food sucked…no one eats it.

Le Mary Celeste Restaurant
Le Mary Celeste Restaurant

We ordered a squash dish that contained absolutely no taste, the texture of kindergarten paste and unidentifiable ingredients. When the server brought the over-dressed kale salad I nicely mentioned that the squash dish was “disgusting!!” He paused and said that everyone has different tastes and he regretted that we did not enjoy the dish.

Everything we ordered was awful and Courtny mentioned that the reviews were all superb on Yelp and Trip Advisor. I perused and happened to observe a photo of our server who turned out to be the owner and chef…awkward. We quickly left Le Mary Celeste and headed for our neighborhood Tabac to wash away the taste with Pastis.

BTW, Food and Wine Magazine profiled Le Mary Celeste in the October issue and the manager at Frenchies, a remarkable Parisienne dining establishment, recommended it…c’est la vie!

My eyes popped open at precisely 2:30am Paris time…just in time for the NY Giants kickoff on Sunday Night Football. I was doomed. I followed the play by play for the next 3 hours, screaming into my pillow. The Giants won and the game ended as my alarm went off to wake me for my early departure to Charles de Gaulle airport.

Au revoir to the city of magical lights and great food.




  1. These pictures are breathtaking. Your restaurant reviews are hilarious!! Love them.

  2. We’re in Paris at the moment and I’ve enjoyed your travel blogs. It was great to either get recommendations (today was a falafel and Picasso day) or read your reviews of places we’ve visited (Fondation LV). Really informative, enjoyable, interesting and helpful. Thanks!

    • Wow, you are welcome. So glad they have been helpful. If you still have time you must try either Bones, Pierre Song, Le Cocotte, Les Enfants Rouge. They all accommodate vegetarian diets.Enjoy.

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