Art Over Miami…


This week, if it’s Sunday it is Miami’s Fashion District.

Wynwood Walls

5am and I am googling  the Miami Design District, Wynwood Walls, Faena Hotel and takeout from Joe’s Stone Crab.

By 6am I have nailed down the day’s activities and we were dressed and ready to hit the highway by 9am.

In under one hour we were in north Miami surrounded by building after building of vibrant street artwork.

Welcome to Wynwood Walls, a trendy, colorful area which was previously comprised of dreary warehouses in a sketchy neighborhood.

The back story on the Wynwood area: In the early 2000’s, Wynwood was an urban, industrial neighborhood that had fallen on hard times.

Along came a developer who was tasked with unearthing the next diamond in the rough.

Wynwood was born.

Rather than work to erase the blight, Tony Goldman of Goldman Properties envisioned a thriving district that would be a people magnet.

In 2009, the Wynwood Walls was born.

Comprised of 6 separate warehouses, the exterior walls served as giant canvases to showcase the most impressive street art collection ever assembled in one place.

In 6 years, The Wynwood Walls have ignited one of the largest art movements ever, elevating street art, making the Walls a focal point of what is happening in the art world.

The art represents works from 20 different countries.

Panther Coffee Roaster

We had amazing macchiatos and homemade croissants at Panther Coffee Roaster.

Sitting at the communal table, we met a charming couple and their young son. He produces the show, Drug Wars and filled us in on what to see and do in the Design District.

We walked the streets, visited the interesting boutiques, made a purchase at Warby Parker.

Dominique showed us everything that was stylin’ from Mexico at Malaquita Design on SW 2nd Avenue.

We then headed to the official Design District also known as Midtown and walked around the gorgeous Palm Court shopping center.

The architecture is fantastic, showcasing fashion from Tom Ford and Givenchy among many other top designers and jewelers.

The art displays within the center are quite unique.

Amidst the retail splendor is the 10 year old, Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, which showcases James Beard award winning chef/owner Michael Schwartz’s homemade, unpretentious, locally sourced delectable food.

We had a delicious brunch, highlighted by a salad of yummy heirloom tomatoes from Homestead  with fresh straciatella and basil.

Loewe Store

The rain came down, but we were cozy and fulfilled.

As we departed, the sun came out and we followed the rainbow to South Beach to pick up takeout for my mom from the infamous Joe’s Stone Crab.

Joe’s Stone Crab

Queen E’s menu consisted of Select Stone Crab, cream spinach, hash browns and homemade Key Lime Pie that comes with a can of fresh, real whipped cream.

Loaded with goodies, we had one more stop to make.

Rumor had it that the place to be during Art Basel 2016 was the new Faena Hotel  on Collins Avenue.

Alan Faena, the Argentinian hotelier and developer, bought 5 blocks on Collins Avenue and has built  a stunning hotel along with beachfront condos, an event center and stores.

Faena Forum

We took in the majesty of the property and had a drink in the lounge.

Faena Lounge

We made our way home in the pouring rain, encountering two major accidents.

The 45 minute trip took 2 hours and I made it home in time to watch the Giants beat the division leading Dallas Cowboys.

Most of the day was exciting and enlightening, but tonight my world is on fire.

I lay my head down with visions of colorful art, delicious stone crabs, fashion fantasies and an amazing defensive display (memories of Lawrence Taylor danced in my head) by the victorious NY Football Giants.

Life is good.

Wynwood Walls 2520 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida

Panther Coffee 2390 NW 2nd Avenue Miami, Florida

Malaquita Design 2613 NW 2nd Avenue Miami, Florida

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink 130 NE 40th Street Miami, Florida

Palm Court Shopping Center 140 NE 39th Street Miami, Florida

Joe’s Stone Crab 11 Washington Avenue Miami Beach, Florida

Faena Hotel 3201 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, Florida






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