Are They Bringin’ Sexy Back?!…

Eliot Sptizer
Eliot Sptizer

What makes a man sexy?

Case in point, Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer who are both running for office in New York City. In case you have been bargaining shopping in Bangladesh and off the radar screen, Eliot Spitzer resigned 5 years ago as Governor of the great state of New York because he was consorting with prostitutes while on the job as well as being married with 3 daughters. He served as governor for a little over 1 year.

Weiner, I will resist commenting on the relevance of his last name, was a congressman who literally got caught with his pants down…he was sexting lewd photos of his ‘weiner’. He was forced from Congress in 2011.  His wife is currently Hillary Rodham Clinton’s director of the transition team (and a longtime aide) that is helping Clinton return to private life. She is considered a rising star in American politics. She was pregnant when all this was exposed.

anthony weiner
Anthony Weiner

Both Spitzer and Weiner  slinked away and we heard little about them until Weiner recently threw his dick into the ring and is now running for mayor of NYC. Spitzer, who returned to public life in 2010 as a TV host/commentator, is running for City Comptroller.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Weiner was sexting with another woman after his wife, Huma Abedin, gave birth to their first child in 2011. Surprisingly, the latest poll results show both men leading in their individual races with strong support from NYC women. It has been attributed to the forgiveness of their wives. Both are strong, smart, attractive and highly capable women who are standing by their men so female voters seem to think if they can forgive them, why not us?

Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer

It appears that Spitzer and his wife, Silda, are spending time apart, but she begrudgingly agreed to support him in the race for NYC comptroller. He is presently crushing Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer 44 to 32 percent among women. Stringer is a very capable, intelligent career politician; his wife is smart and attractive. Physically, Stringer is not a hottie, but he also married above his pay grade.

In the mayoral contest, Weiner is neck in neck with City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn, among women voters. Apparently, having strong wives stand behind you during a scandal and after tells people you are not as bad as might be perceived.

Why are women attracted to these men? Physically, neither one of them is Brad Pitt or Hugh Jackman. Spitzer comes from big time money, not Weiner. Is it power and fame that turns women on? I can’t imagine having sex with either one of these clowns, especially Spitzer who purportedly cavorts in black socks.

Do New Yorkers really want someone who takes ‘selfies’ of his private parts as mayor of one of the most important city’s in the world? Will he be emailing ‘selfies’ to female voters and captioning, ” I can beat anyone by a foot!”

Let us not forget that former NYC mayor, Rudy Giuliani, also cheated on his very attractive TV personality wife, Donna Hanover, while in office…maybe NYC is just plain sexy!

I am a democrat and a registered voter in NY, but I just can’t get behind (ick) men who cheat and lie to their wives. What kind of decisions will Weiner make as mayor? Can a comptroller be fiscally conscientious when he is potentially fantasizing about female figures rather than hard, cold numbers?

There is definitely a Weiner freak factor involved here. We recently learned that his email name is, Carlos Danger…I think NYC would be in major Danger if Carlos, I mean Weiner, was elected Mayor.

Sidebar… I guess I am confused and a tad hypocritical because if Bill Clinton ran for office again,, I would vote for him!


  1. Nice shots of both guys! 🙂
    What they say about sociopaths? — they have no conscience, they are not ashamed of what they had done, etc. These two guys fit the bill perfectly!

  2. Nice shots of both guys! 🙂
    What they say about sociopaths? — they have no conscience, they are not ashamed of what they had done, etc. These two guys fit the bill perfectly!

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