Anything Is Possible…


The launching of my new site,, took a great deal of time and hard work…it was worth it and I am ecstatic with the results.

I would like to give a shout out to my dynamic team, consisting of my expert and fearless leader, Kit Latham and his amazing co-pilot, Jessica Thomson. Kit’s technological expertise far exceeds my comprehension… an analogy is when I talk football with David and he glazes over.

Kit would provide detailed explanations of his maneuvers and thankfully Jessica would serve as my interpreter and translate into layman speak. They set up a cutting edge site, increased my profile and were able to trouble shoot all my issues.

When I hired Kit, I naively assumed that I would be the creative partner and keep on keeping on…wrong. When he explained that the process of publishing on the new site was more complex and started in on the “back end” (I am so out of touch that I immediately thought he was being suggestive), Jetpack, WPZOOM, widgets and sliders (at first, I got excited, thinking food) I started to sweat and have sleepless nights as we approached November 11th, the launch date of my devilishly exciting new site.

I would wake in the middle of the night, troubled and drenched. Now, we know that is not unusual, but this time around I would wake to visions of the devil prodding me towards a large, looming computer, demanding that I master the universe with it or perish in hell.

My interpretation was that the mission was too daunting and overwhelming and there was no way in hell that I could conquer the beast, namely, the new and improved, website. I kept flashing back to geometry class and reliving my failures.

To be honest, I just did not know where or how to start. The learning curve was steep and the window of opportunity narrow.

But, being a never say die type of Menopausal super hero, I strapped on my big girl pants and dove into an ocean of massive information. I took a deep breath, wrote copious notes and through endless hours of trial and error, lengthy conference calls with Commander Computer Kit and beyond helpful guidance from Jessica, who broke down the x’s and o’s, I arrived victorious and able to speak a new language.

devil computer
Computer Intimidation

When I pressed “Publish” at the crack of dawn on Monday morning, I breathed a sigh of relief and registered a personal victory. I had gone from a cute, free blog and graduated in less than 5 months to prime time. I hung up my super hero Menopause cape and declared, “Anything is possible!”

Thanks to my incredible team…without your help and constant support I would still be floating balloons on the WordPress site….David and Courtny, there would be no Devil without you. Kit and Jessica, IfTheDevilHadMenopause would be fermenting in the bowels of hell without your expert technical know how, sage guidance and advise. I love you all, man!




  1. Congratulations, Toby! Awesome website!

  2. I didn’t think The Devil needed to be improved- but The Devil is in the hindsight!!!! Spectacular! Congratulations-prooving once again that we are never to old to learn., and to become part of the NOW generation.

  3. So glad to be a part of your continued success! It’s been inspiring to watch you seize The Devil by the horns and put your stamp on this corner of the internet. You’re an amazing woman and a pleasure to work with!

  4. Webmasters are like magicians and make things look easy unless you want to try to repeat it. (An analogy for David) Here’s another important lesson I learned the hard way. stories are just a story until you make its presentation spectacular and make the story bigger than life, then the receiver remembers the message.
    We remember stories told to us around a campfire for the longest, they make the biggest impressions. It takes you back there, to that time and location.
    This is why I like your stories, they take me back with you, I feel I was there tasting the food, seeing the setting sun, and getting the essence. You take us along, I feel as if I sat at the same table. It is the tone and texture to your story telling that will make us come back to hear another tale of family, dates, fun and food. We’re along for the ride, like a dog with his head out the window.

    • David, I really appreciate your thoughtful and gracious comment…I shared with David. I hope you will join me frequently…just roll down the window and like the Devil roll over you like a hot summer breeze!

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