And They Call It Puppy Love…

Times change, but not humans best friend.

I am not trying to be Debbie Downer, but my reality is that I have never lived through such depressing times.

trump is like herpes…you catch the MAGA virus and you are infected for life no matter how you try to avoid it.

The war and inhumanity in the Middle East, a Speaker who is a trump pimp who abhors women, supports Putin, believes gays should fade away, claims his wife is always on her knees praying. I claim bullshit.

Violence surrounds us daily. Assault weapons are trending more than Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

My solace…I grab my doggie and go for a long walk, I take to my bed and cuddle with her, I look into those gorgeous, emphatic brown eyes and confess all.

She is my safe place.

Do not go to Urgent Care for a diagnosis. Don’t eat chocolate for instant gratification.  Head to a shelter or rescue organization and get the cure for what ails you.

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  1. Truly man’s best friend!

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