All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go…

Still leading a monkish lifestyle while residing in Coronaville.

I stay away from people, walk in isolated areas, forego in store appearances and dine outside far from the maddening potentially contagious crowd.

Masks are as routine as breathing, hand washing is excessive and lavender hand sanitizer my daily fragrance.

The only indoor activity has been visiting a museum during opening hours, doing a quick circuit, social distancing and then a rapid fire exit.

Difficult to predict when anti-vaxxer conscientious objectors can take the giant step to returning to theater or eating indoors.

I must admit adhering to Coronaville living is much easier in Southern California.

I am itching to see a play and try a few new restaurants, but the risk outweighs the desire.

Resuming regular programming is still TBD.

Are you still being vigilant or perhaps you are dipping your toe into the indoor pool?!

By the way, 69% of vaccinated people are concerned about jumping back into society while only 39% of unvaccinated are concerned…the Novak Djokovics, Sarah Palins, Aaron Rodgers, Bobby Kennedys, Nicki Minajs of the world make no sense to me now or, for that matter, ever!

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