Ain’t No Sunshine…

Do you know Mohs?

I was clueless until three months ago when a friend texted me about her surgery.

I thought it might be code for plastic surgery since this person always wants “Moh” uplifting procedures!

Completely unaware, I googled it.

Mohs surgery is a procedure used to treat skin cancer, involving cutting away thin layers of skin. Each layer is looked at closely for signs of cancer. The process keeps going until there are no signs of the dreaded disease.

Now I am intimately involved with Mohs.

One down…Monday I go for my second surgery.

This is all legacy sun exposure. I flourished in my youth amongst no hard and fast sun rules, no banning of reflectors and liberal use of baby oil.

Sunscreen was an undiscovered miracle potion when I was young.

I loved having a tan and planned my wardrobe around what colors best highlighted my radiant glow.

Now I cover up under large hats, slather sunscreen all over my body, wear long sleeves, sit under a UV umbrella at the beach with no body parts exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Unsolicited advice…Please go to a diligent dermatologist annually for a full body check…I go twice a year.

I have even checked out mole mapping which involves a specialized computer taking photos of your entire body. It provides for early detection of skin cancers.

Moving forward, my golden glow will need to come from within and I am good with that.


  1. Cindy Ruby- Brown says:

    I used to put iodine into the baby oil that I slathered on before using my reflector. I also used to sit under a sun tan light that my parents had. So far I have not had any issues with the biopsies that my dermatologist does at my checkups.

  2. Terry Nicholas says:

    A timely and necessary reminder as I find myself roasting in the SA sun… Cape Town in summer is stunningly beautiful but there’s certainly a price to pay for hours of exposure to this fierce sun. Factor 50 and stay in the shade! The best of good luck for your treatments…I admire your courageous and positive approach. You’ve got this xxx

    • Thank you for your thoughtful note! Lucky you, Capetown is incredible. NYC is -15 Celsius the past 2 days. Hope it is good to be home💜

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