Adventures In Online Dating…

Someone very close to me recently texted this stream of conversation she had with a single white male on a dating website.

Opening gambit by SWM:

Male: Hi!

Female: How is your social isolation Sunday going?

Male: Terrible! Yours?

Female: The world is falling apart but I’m bingeing Botched so could be worse.

Male: Do you need company?

Female: I’m low on Corona tests so probably not today.

Make: What?

Female: Pandemic joke. Guess it wasn’t funny.

And fade to black.

This is what smart, beautiful, socially and politically aware, successful single women are up against in the dating world today.

Wish all the amazing women in Coronaville could permanently social distance themselves from the ignorant males out there.

Pandemic thought of the day: keep it real, practice social distancing, wash your hands, stay well and flatten the curve (just pretend you’re in algebra class where I always lowered the curve!)


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