Act Responsibly…

You can’t fix stupid.

You can attempt to alter its progress and the spread of the Coronavirus.

Rumor has it that Gen Z and  millennials  are still traveling in packs to destinations such as Miami Beach for spring beak, partying at restaurants and gathering at bars.

Sunday, during a drive by on the Pacific Coast Highway, I witnessed hordes of young people crowding into Nobu Malibu and the SoHo House.

Here’s a bit of healthy advice from someone who thinks the only advantage to getting older is gaining an ounce of wisdom and waking up in the morning with full lung capacity.

Times are different.

A shout out to all the selfish, ignorant people under 40…get your shit together.

Watch MSNBC, read The NY Times online, listen to The Daily podcast.

Hangin’ in bars or restaurants is unsafe…maybe not for you, but for those older then you.

I am going to assume that within this age bracket not all members are orphans.

They have parents, grandparents, great grandparents and senior relatives.

Drink at home…you don’t even have to drink responsibility if you are self quarantining or practicing social distancing.

Have plenty of sex with a healthy partner in the confines of your homes to pass the time.

FaceTime or Skype friends, but don’t meet for dinner.

You have student debt so you must have absorbed some knowledge in college.

If you were fortunate enough to have your parents foot the bill for higher education then pay them back by being prudent with your outside exposure.

A 20-something stylist that I know posted on Instagram yesterday saying, “it is fucked” that NY closed bars and restaurants.

Have you inhaled too many hair treatment chemicals?

Wake up people.

Your selfishness is killing others.

Live responsibly so we all can!

photo: ABC News


  1. stupid is as stupid does.

  2. where are their parents???????
    wonder if they are all ‘Trumpers”

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