Acquisitive Attitude…

Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

I am fading back and tossing a long, deep pass.

Thinking about my money making prowess in my 30’s, 40’s and 50’s I would define myself as acquisitive…preoccupied with possessing material things.

I was driven to look good at all times because my career called for it and honestly, it brought me joy.

Call me materialistic.

I’ve been called worse.

Some of my acquisitions are now concerned worthy vintage pieces so as with the stock market I did make good investments.

My daughter recently tossed the word over the transom.

I love it.

Acquisitive is so defining.

Beautiful things make me feel good and until I became a card carrying Medicare member it was way better to look good rather than feel good.

I guess my motherly advice to my retail therapist daughter is if you are striving for practicality by becoming less acquisitive, consider destroying your credit cards and force yourself to take a break from buying things.

But as a committed retail therapist trailblazer I need to step aside and let her credit card balance be her guide. Bottom line, purchasing beautiful things and always looking good brings it own sense of satisfaction.

If you can afford it, if it makes you happy and self rationalization works then go deep with your acquisitive self.

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