A Thoroughbred Gallops Onto The LA Restaurant Scene


Hold Your Horses!

I have a fun and fabulous new restaurant for you to saddle up to.

When I read about Horses I thought, neigh.

Not much of a redo to a space where iconic industry hangout, Ye Coach & Horses, once stood for 73 years before closing in 2010 and then it became a pub called The Pikey which shuttered in 2020.

The menu is a nod to the classics with a California twist, but was it unique?

Whoa, I was wrong.

Everything is groovy about Horses, a total thoroughbred among the new additions to the Los Angeles restaurant scene.

When I found out that Liz Johnson was the chef/owner I knew that Horses would never be complacent.

At 24, Johnson was the darling of New York City foodies heading up the kitchen at SoHo’s intimate  little gem, MIMI.

I still dream about the Lobster with Escargot Butter.

Johnson is now married and permanently partnered with her husband, Chef Will Aghajanian, in life and in the kitchen.

Every item on the menu has a unique twist.

We started with a fabulous orange wine from California….Los Angeles River Wine Company 2020 Rancho California Meppp. Orange is the new black in regard to my wine chooses.

We ordered the marinated Cerignola Olives to enjoy with our wine ($7). They were marinated in EVOO and lemon peel.

The Horses Caesar with endive, crunchy breadcrumbs, anchovy-fueled dressing and a parmesan and Mimolette shower is a runaway hit on the classic preparation ($22).

We indulged in the Smoked Salmon Lavash with Cress ($24). There is an option to add caviar ($30).

The lavash is baked in house covered with a silky layer of salmon, finely chopped chives and lemony cress sprigs.

Liz sent over an enticing both sweet and savory Sobrassada Panino.

I was unsure if I would like the Sea Trout. It was fabulous, prepared perfectly and a fantastic selection for my pescatarian partner ($41).

To be safe I ordered the Cheeseburger and fries…hands down the best burger ever. It was huge so I took it home and even reheated it rocked. That has never happened before. Like waking up after a one night stand (which I have legitimately never done, but heard a lot about) a hamburger does not look good in the light of day. This one did.

The Rockenwagner brioche bun is a satisfying bookend for the thick patty, Wisconsin cheddar and thinly sliced raw onions. The fries were crispy and hot ($28).

We could not be stopped and ordered my husband’s favorite Cheesecake…this one is a creamy, light sheep’s milk version. The poached pear can stand alone. He raved ($18).

Horses was very busy and people trotted through constantly during the two hours we were dining.

There is a busy, inviting bar where walk ins can attempt to grab a seat and a very cool back room adorned with equestrian paintings by artist Kacper Abolik, whose portrait subjects have included A$AP Rocky and Madonna.

Horses made for a deliciously delightful evening out.

7617 Sunset Boulevard Hollywood , California. Open Wednesday-Sunday 5:30pm-1am. Reservations on Resy. Valet parking $14. Street parking is challenging.


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