A Mix Of Mental Midgets & Mighty Giants…

Is Congress’ mood reflective of this country?

So much hate, irrational thought, vindictiveness and resentment.

The fact that aliens like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar will have power and will be able to steer resolutions that impact this country is frightening.

I sure hope that Americans will rise up when these bigoted idiots attempt to slash Social Security, Medicare and education.

I am trying to kill everyone I encounter with kindness.

As with not consuming alcohol and chocolate we shall see how long I can hang on.

After reading the news lately I feel as if I need a drink.

Leaving the sun, beach and easy living for New York City.

Hoping to reconvene on Monday with a NY Giants playoff victory in hand…GO BIG BLUE🏈



Cartoon: NY Daily News/Bramhall

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