A Lot To Unpack…

When did unpacking become a political term?

A plethora of commentators and politicians are constantly referencing unpacking.

Lately, there always seems to be trunks full of issues to unpack (wish we could unpack Agent Orange and stick him in a locked storage bin!)

I detest unpacking so the jargon turns me off.

I actually think it is less heinous to pack than unpack.

Packing takes some insight and creativity.

Unpacking is having to put clothes and toiletries away, finding space in the closet and in the bathroom.

Who sneaks in when you are away and steals hangars and space from those particular locations, making the unpacking intolerable?

As far as I am concerned, nothing is worse than moving and unpacking.

From the figurative to the practical…is the luggage industry now lobbying in Washington?

Are they paying politicians to make “unpacking”’ part of the Washington vernacular?

Anyway, make yourself a coffee, tea or healthy smoothie, pull up a comfortable seat and proceed with unpacking this post.

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