A Leg Up On Being Elderly…


I experienced a sick day yesterday and beyond news I could not find anything to watch.

I just wanted fluff. At 5pm I finally discovered a few reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond.

I did not have the attention span for a movie or documentary, my head hurt so I could not read and eating was out of the question.

Was it better when my mother was there to cater to me?

She checked in, straightened the bed, felt my forehead for fever with a kiss, made me homemade chicken soup and a baked potato, rubbed my chest with Vicks Vaporub. The only thing that did not go down well was the Aspergum with the hideous orange flavoring.

When I was young and flexible and was able to spring up and down off the floor my mom would make a bed of blankets in the living room and I was allowed to watch TV in front of the huge console.

I do believe it was the only time I was permitted to hang out in the living room.

Now that I am elderly…that’s how newscasters and newspapers describe anyone over 55…being sick conjures up different thoughts.

Is this the end? Did I achieve enough? Did I live life to the fullest?

I better be better today as being sick is not fun when you are elderly.

BTW, Queen E. sculpted the leg influenced by the Untitled Robert Gober leg.

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