A Force Of Nature…

Reality check.

Now that many of us are practicing social distancing, settle into a comfy spot in your bubble wrapped home and watch the impressive and memorable documentary, Hillary.

This is an in depth, behind-the-scenes look at the politician’s historic presidential campaign and the moments that shaped the life of one of the most admired, divisive and trailblazing woman in American history.

Hillary would have been a superb president…be that as it may, she is a smart, funny, compassionate human being that has long been misunderstood and frankly, punished by a sexist society that held her to an iron clad double standard.

Director and filmmaker, Nanette Burstein, has unpacked and unplugged an American icon.

America has never appreciated what a positive force of nature Hillary Rodham Clinton is.

Personally, I just do not understand how she emotionally made it through all that has been thrown at her and remains standing strong today.

She abides by her conviction that you should not let all the criticism pierce your core and end up doubting yourself.

Hillary’s life is a living breathing example of the arc of the women’s movement and at the end of the documentary there is a ray of sunshine after the 2016 tsunami.

As the four-part documentary unfolds you come to the realization that American history is being witnessed through her story and that her story is also mine and yours.

If you are an avid reader, Hillary the documentary is as pleasurable and captivating as a great book.

The documentary stayed with me for days and as with any great work it made me think, it personally touched me, made me laugh out loud and even had me shedding a few tears.

Hillary leaves you with the question, in light of the fact that no woman is left standing in the 2020 presidential race, can a woman ever become president?

My verdict…Yes we can!💪🏻

Hillary is streaming now on Hulu.

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