A Fixer…

Life’s frustrations.

Like a sturdy washer, I spin my emotions and issues  away or I eat my feelings.

Instant gratification is more easily fulfilled in LA….so much more room to indulge and in NYC takeout takes time to arrive.

I can buy bags of groceries because I have a car, a large refrigerator, a pantry and counter space.

I’m way more selective in NYC since space is at a premium and I have to hand carry, wheel or have my husband accompany me to the grocery store.

Taking a Lyft or taxi from the market is annoying.

I cook all the time on the left side of the country.

Consuming does not necessarily mean eating mindless calories.

I dice, purée, stew, julienne and sauté.

Frustration doesn’t have to be a negative just like nibbling doesn’t have to be dictated by junk food.

When you are driven you are always trying to achieve, perfect.

Frustration is motivating for me.

I just wish I had an endless supply of fixer upper magic so that I was able to make it all right.

Or hire me a sous chef or a Michael Cohen to fix everything.

Clean up is avoided and that’s the messy part of life.

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