A Dog’s Life…

Now that the vicious attack dog and his bitch have been expunged it’s time for love to permeate the White House.

Love is love is love so the happily married Bidens take up residence with their two doggies.

The Bidens’ two German shepherds, Champ and Major, officially joined the first family in their new residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue last Sunday.

Remember when Agent Orange said how ridiculous he would look walking a dog on the White House lawn…most likely it would make him appear human which to him is code for weak.

We wouldn’t want to think that our deposed  dictator had a heart.

The last time the White House lawn didn’t have a president walking a dog on it was 1901. That’s nearly 120 years of canine constancy before Trump came along and decided to unleash tradition.

Photo: Presidential Pet Museum

Warren G. Harding’s Laddie Boy is widely hailed as the first presidential dog. The Airedale terrier was meant to convey warmth and approachability after Woodrow Wilson’s lack of warmth during his tenure.

In 1952, Richard Nixon, accused of corruption during his campaign for the vice presidency, famously resurrected Republican support in a speech declaring that one gift he would never return was a black-and-white dog named Checkers.

Now that the mongrel is muzzled we can resume our lives filled with doggie treats.

Major is the very first rescue dog to live in the White House and was adopted in 2018 after the Biden’s fostered him from the Delaware Humane Association.

Champ, who was named by the president’s granddaughters after a nickname that Biden’s father had tagged him with, joined the family over a decade ago after they acquired him from a breeder before Biden was sworn in as vice president.


JFK also had a dog named Major as well as, Pushinka, (Russian for Fluffy), a gift from Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev to Caroline Kennedy.

Pushkina was a puppy of Strelka, a Soviet space dog that orbited the planet aboard Sputnik 2 in 1960…imagine Putin being that thoughtful. He would probably name the dog, Novichok, Putin’s favorite nerve agent and put an eavesdropping microchip in the dog.

The tradition of keeping pets in the White House dates back to Thomas Jefferson, who kept a mockingbird and a couple of bear cubs during his presidency.

Throughout the years, presidential pets have become celebrities.


FDR had eight dogs while serving in the White House. His Scottish Terrier, Fala, was by far the most famous.


From Lyndon B. Johnson’s beagles, the Clintons Buddy to Bo and Sunny Obama, White House doggies have inspired public obsessions and children’s books.

George H.W. Bush’s dog, Millie, “penned” her own book.

Finnley & Madison

I have to be honest. I often form opinions about people by observing their reaction to my dogs and whether or not they are pet owners, in particular if their best friends are doggies.

We all have our people criteria and mine has never failed me…love you, Finnley and Madison.


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