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Ipark avenue summer

It was the final call for Restaurant Week in NYC. My daughter’s BFF works at NBC in Manhattan and I adore her. I actually met Stephanie the first day of Courtny’s freshman year of college. They were assigned to the same dorm and living across the hall from one other. I knew that Courtny and Stephanie were destined to be friends.

Courtny’s first impression was that no one could be THAT nice. Soo, being the frank, in your face woman that I am, I confronted Stephanie’s lovely mother, Kathy, and shot her the bottom line. Surprisingly 🙂 Kathy confirmed my first impression and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Park Avenue Summer dining room

Stephanie had an impending birthday and first year wedding anniversary so I invited her to join in the tradition of, “Ladies Who Lunch.”
Park Avenue Summer (Autumn, Winter and Spring) is a sophisticated restaurant located at 63rd Street, just off Park Avenue. Several years ago, they instituted the novel concept of changing menus and décor seasonally.
The restaurant week menu offered enticing selections and more than ample servings. We toasted everything we could think of with a lovely rose and decided to share so we could eliminate major food decisions.

Gnocchi in a sweet corn sauce

We kicked off our lunch with a gorgeous gnocchi in a sweet corn sauce and lightly fried succulent Peekytoe crab that burst with flavor and texture. Our main courses consisted of a perfected prepared sliced filet mignon sandwich with a scrumptious horseradish aioli and heirloom tomato laid out to perfection on a crispy baguette. The second entrée was a huge King salmon fillet lightly sautéed with a delicious pistachio yogurt and apricot glaze…together, we could not make it all gone!

Peekytoe crab

Our lovely waiter indulged us with a delish and adorable stack of crispy potato (latkes) pancakes accented with crème fraiche and stewed apples. Dessert was a banana surprise and we were gifted with a celebratory glass of sparkling wine. A perfect ending to a perfect lunch.

Filet Mignon sandwich

Rumor has it that Park Avenue Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring will changes seasons no more after the end of the year when their lease is up. Please park yourself at this sophisticated and tantalizing destination before your are closed out.

Chef Richard Lasko, formerly of Mercer Kitchen and Montrachet, serves up quality dishes. Park Avenue Summer (Autumn, Winter, Spring) is located at 100 East 63rd Street. Credit cards and reservations accepted. It is open for brunch, lunch and dinner daily.

salmon park
Salmon with pistachio yogurt sauce

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