A Day Of Seduction…


I preyed upon my innocent, exhausted husband on Saturday.

I dropped him off at Krap Magu, better known as Krav Maga, for 3 hours of intense combat.

I went spinning.

I promised to return to take him for a lovely outdoor lunch.

He emerged looking like a handsome escapee from Greenwich Country Club.

I had the top down and drove him to the Brentwood Country Mart.

We avoided the parking lot.

Instead, we parked across the road in the residential neighborhood so that we did not have to patiently or impatiently wait for the ultimate Westside families to park their massive Range Rovers and SUVs and then take their bald, hugely beribboned babies out of the car.

Barney’s which features fabulous salads and salmon burgers had a long line so we divided and conquered.

I located a table and David waited in line.

Screaming, privileged kids ran all over, leaving trails of curly fries and fried chicken nuggets in their wake.

I shared a picnic table with a man and his young son who seemed pleasant until he glibly stated that he only slummed it in Brentwood for his kid’s swim lessons…”Bev Hills is so much classier.”

I excused myself to get water and throw up a little in my mouth.

Despite the crowds, the food was delish, the sun shone and we were happy, well exercised campers.

I lured David into strolling the Mart…translation, I tricked him into spending his Saturday afternoon indulging in retail therapy under the guise of having to buy our daughter a birthday present which was already purchased and hidden away.

We checked out Capitol by Irene Neuwirth.

Capitol by Irene Neuwirth

The new store is richly designed, stocked with gorgeous clothing and an engaging staff.

Next stop, the intimate Christian Louboutin store which purportedly is Louboutin’s second favorite store in his impressive international empire…Paris arcade shop being #1. I can personally attest to its old world charm.

I was attracted too the new Rowing Blazers Trading Post outpost.

The people were affable and I am definitely  going to purchase one of their English rowing blazers at the SoHo store…I adore men’s suiting and the NYC stop provides alterations.

The Diesel bookstore is a cherished relic from days gone by complete with reading recommendations and staff that has actually read many of the books.

The Farmshop is fun to peruse. I think the food is expensive and highly overrated, the wine is vastly overpriced as are the cheeses, but it a interesting point of reference for how the rich and famous indulge.

Hours later we headed home for some afternoon delight.

Adult translation…we binge watched 10 episodes of What/If, a dramatic series with plot twists and turns and the mysteriously conniving, brilliant Renee Zellweger, elegantly disguised as a  well controlled core of crazy.

I had planned to make dinner, but we were breathlessly enticed by the show and ordered Chinese along with a magnum of Whispering Angel.

What a thoroughly appealing day of seduction.



  1. LOVED YOUR DAY (besides the BH classist prick) and LOVE YOU !!!

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