A Cloistered Sunday…

I have never uttered the word, Bored, in New York City.

In light of a sunny Sunday without beach access I easily planned another delightful day in the greatest city anywhere!

Firstly, if you buy any cultural membership in NYC it should be to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The benefits are numerous and the opportunities endless.

I went online and reserved a 10am entrance slot at the MET Cloisters because it’s Covid time and entries are staggered.

The Cloisters, a uniques branch of the MET, is located in Upper Manhattan and specializes in European medieval architecture, sculpture and decorative arts.

The collection was built up by the American sculptor, art dealer and collector, George Grey Barnard and was subsequently acquired by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. in 1925.

Rockefeller extended the collection and in 1931 purchased the site at Washington Heights and contracted the design for the Cloisters building.

Rockefeller then donated the building and artwork to the city in 1931.

Fortunately, we have a car so in 15 minutes we were at the Renaissance influenced Cloisters branch of the MET.

The Metro bus drops you right in front of the museum, Lyft and Uber are always at the ready and a subway stop is nearby.

We parked in front and in 20 steps were at the entrance to the impressive fortress.

The museum screams pomp and circumstance with vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows and original wide plank wood floors.

It was 10am and we were virtually alone to roam and observe.

Most areas in the museum have adjacent gardens attached so the serenity and views abound.

Here are some highlights:

1200AD Fresco transferred to canvas.

The MET Cloisters is a lovely way to while away a few hours as well as expanding your horizons.

Culture whet our appetite so we drove down to Barney Greengrass, the NYC deli institution that has been satisfying customers for 100 years.

We sat outside and reveled in fresh bagels, latkes and sable.

Barney Greengrass Breakfast of Sable

We enjoyed a stimulating conversation with Maria Theresa Kumar, an MSNBC contributor.

To continue the endless bonding and togetherness, my husband and I experienced side by side spa pedicures and manicures.

We made dinner together and then watched the new Netflix miniseries, My Unorthodox Life about Julia Haart, the fashion designer, entrepreneur and CEO of Elite World Group and her family.

The show focuses on Julia’s decision to leave the strictures of ultra-Orthodox Jewish life in Monsey, New York and enter, completely unprepared, the secular world.

We then called it a day.

I am a huge fan of perfection and Sunday in New York fit the bill.

The MET Cloisters 99 Margaret Corbin Drive Fort Tyron Park New York City. Open Thursday-Monday 10am-5pm. Street Parking available. Members free. Suggested admission $25.

Barney Greengrass 541 Amsterdam Avenue and 86th Street New York City. Open Tuesday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 8:30am-5pm. Cash only.

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