A Classic…

Vintage, Unique, Classic.

Words conveying charm, class and panache.

This brings to mind my husband’s latest love interest…an untamable Jaguar.

During Covid he indulged his lifelong passion and purchased yet another unique car.

He loves restoring classic cars as much as I adore the NY Giants.

Three years later he is still being lovingly challenged by that devilish and uncompromising set of wheels.

Since she is presently a big part of our lives, I started noticing similarities between the Silver Seductress and me.

We are both challenging.

We possess a patina of beauty.

We maintain fiery interiors. Mine is self-explanatory and hers is red leather.

We both occasionally run out of gas as well as run hot and cold.

We are aging well and our lines are classic.

I shall never describe either one of us as old, senior, elderly, ancient, graying, over-the-hill, ragged or road weary.

I, along with my husband’s side chick, are classics.

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