Life is short.

Today’s post will be, too.

After watching the tribute to Kobe and Gianna Bryant the reality that life is fleeting really hits hard.

Trump is enough to put me in the ground.

Bernie Sanders is not the right person to be the democratic nominee at this point in time.

I am scared shitless that we will lose the House and Senate.

A glimmer of hope yesterday…Harvey Weinstein was convicted.

Women must be united and lead the fight for change in the upcoming November elections.

The Orange moron, citing Laura Ingraham of Fox News, the bastion of light, hope and fairness for all and continuing to escalate his battle with the judicial system, tweeted from India last night that the two Democratic-appointed female Supreme Court jurists should recuse themselves from any cases involving him.

There is a pandemic on the horizon and the United States, thanks to Agent Orange, is grossly unprepared.

Climate change keeps rearing its ugly head.

All of the above is food for thought…chew on that.

I’m feeling inconsolable.

I have run out of logic.

Hopefully, the answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind.


*image: Facebook

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  1. Bernie Sanders is a one note candidate-why is no one
    holding him accountable for his past record – what has he
    accomplished all the years in office?

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