30 & Still Going Strong…


Tomorrow marks a BIG wedding anniversary for my husband and myself…decades of wedded bliss.

When the number rolls off my tongue I gag a bit since it sounds so adult and makes me feel old, but on the other hand, it indicates  a real success story.

Marriage is a tough road. Just the basics are overwhelming. Men and women’s thought process are so different. Psychologically, we come from distinct planets and each gender is acclimated to its’ own customs, not to each other’s.

We work at our marriage all the time. We have a prenup where it is legally stated that David MUST, under penalty of death, ask me out on a date every week…no excuses. The run continues and will never be broken unless one of us dies or the Giants lose every game next season and I enter a comatose state.

When you initially marry, you are soo in love, couples do not take into consideration the tough issues such as money, health, sex and  in-laws.


I cannot imagine my life without David. Thankfully, unlike dogs and their owners, we have not begun to physically resemble each other. We enjoy all the same things, except for the Housewives shows and retail therapy shopping even though David has amazing taste…what a waste of talent.

Team Toby and David has been on a 30-year unbroken winning streak. That doesn’t mean we haven’t gone a couple of rounds, but it’s always a draw and the love never wavers.

So here’s to many more years of love and making beautiful music together.

David, as our wedding song lyrics state, I Love You Just The Way You Are  (of course, there are a few things you could work on…the training continues for another 30).

I love you more today than yesterday and as of right now, I believe (this could change later today if you temporarily get on my nerves), not as much as tomorrow…

Take a listen to Billy Joel’s, Just The Way You Are…We just did and slow danced around our living room…I still get butterflies…



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