The Queen Has Left The Building…

I woke up this morning and my mom wasn’t there.

The Queen has left the building.

She pirouetted out gracefully in a purple haze on her own volition.

The sadness is overwhelming as this is the first morning in my life that my mom is not present to say, good morning!”

Thank you, Queen E. for staying strong, loving and formidable all these years.

The void is overwhelming, but I have my Big Girl purple panties on and I will move forward with all my memories of you to keep me going.

Yes, mother, my hair looks good.

The Devil will resume her daily rants next Monday as Queen E.’s funeral is Friday in Connecticut.

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  1. Ellie lupo says:

    I will miss my phone calls with her…about family, Chinese food ,purple and of course ballet. I am thankful beyond beyond that I had the chance to speak with her Saturday . All she wanted to know was how I was doing with my new hip. Love the woman…feeling your loss. She was so lucky to have you Toby….much love to you ..Courtny and David.

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