Fast Track…


Breaking the fast 2016 style.

Queen E. and the Lubov/Catzel clan celebrated at Mario Batali’s suburban retreat, Tarry Lodge.

Why is it necessary to fast to atone?

I am tired of the migraines, bad breath and food fantasies.

It was difficult to make the dogs breakfast yesterday…I admit to feeling a bit jealous as they devoured their meal.

It is the 21 century.

Why can’t Jews just congregate and hold a massive high colonic ceremony, an effective way to cleanse the soul.

To break the fast, we settled on dining out as it is just too much work for my mother to stand and cook for hours.

I was unprepared to make the break the fast as we had just arrived in NYC.

We had to get to Connecticut via public transportation with the dogs as our car was sequestered in the ‘burbs.

Journey completed.

We were reunited with Queen E. and it felt so good.

No guilt because we were physically present for the holiday.

Garganelli with Mushrooms
Garganelli with Mushrooms

We dined on Mario’s blessed cuisine and repented together, preparing to move into the New Year with hope, love, positivity and a full belly.

Possessing wheels, once again, we hightailed it back to Manhattan ladened with brisket, potatoes, kasha, salmon croquettes and toilet paper…my mother’s parting gifts for a joyous start to the New Year.

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