Long and Winding Road…

You AIn't Nothin' But A Hound Dog...
You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog…

With expanded horizons and deflated bums, the Truculent Trio has completed their cross country journey.

3500 miles later we are still talking and laughing.

In celebration of completing the journey, we sang our way home with an enthusiastic version of Frank Sinatra’s, New York, New York, complete with jazz hands.

We explored 17 states.

I ate McDonald’s for the first time in 4 decades.

I can wait another 40 years.

My bladder can now return to its’ standard operating procedure…I don’t do public toilets.

Hotels that are pet friendly do not have human friendly carpeting.

I can now retire my flip flops for indoor usage.

We observed a very robust American travel business.

It appears that everyone wants to see the USA.

Peg Leg Porkers, Nashville
Peg Leg Porkers, Nashville

Our last two stops were Nashville and Morgantown, West Virginia…both packed.

Nashville After Dark
Nashville After Dark

We foolishly believed that we could wing the hotels…just gliding into a different city every night.


Every destination was fully booked.

In fact, this weekend, Pittsburgh was the place to be.

Every hotel was filled to capacity. The only available room was $650 at The Ace Hotel.

Thanks, but no thanks.

It’s still Pittsburgh.

Ignore Trump.

This country is already great. Do we have a homeless problem and is the northeast corridor in need of upgraded infrastructure?

Yes, but we are, in many respects, a finely oiled machine.

I have a confession.

I must admit that Minivans are nerdy, but cool.

I always scoffed, but they are actually comfortable, are a sweet drive, get excellent gas mileage and are practical, especially for lugging dogs and lots of luggage …who knew?!

West Virginia
West Virginia

Peeps, this is an exquisite, glorious country chock full of decent people, great food, amazing vistas.

Believe it or not, I would do this trip again with my excellent posse.

After all, I didn’t see Mt. Rushmore and I am at 48 states and counting.

Can’t ignore Mississippi and Alabama.

And, the sun sets on a totally awesome road trip.

Fade to black and my own bathroom.




  1. Great- looking forward to another road trip- vicarious has its own rewards!

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