Verdant Vancouver…


Jetted off to Vancouver for the weekend to buy a safe haven just in case Agent Orange begins his reign of terror, simultaneously gold plating the once proud and classy White House.

The Canadians, as with most of the world, are horrified at America’s lack of good judgment.

Not sure if I can get in step with the much slower paced Vancouver, but just like dating a model or Tim Tebow, it sure looks good.

Beyond house hunting, we had a wedding to attend.

Chloe & Mark Derksen
Chloe & Mark Derksen

It was actually a planned getaway as my lovely niece, Chloe, was becoming a Mrs.

Vancouver Sidewalks
Vancouver Sidewalks

Chloe and Mark sitting in a maple tree….you know the rest.

We were fortunate to arrive on a gorgeous Indian summer day and we took Vancouver by storm, walking 8 1/2 miles.

The first 2 miles were navigating the vast Vancouver Airport which my brother-in-law, the architect, had helmed the design team.


We hit the Vancouver highlights, covering downtown to the captivating waterfront, followed by a drive by through Gastown where the birthday girl was able to scratch her retail therapy itch.


Next onto Chinatown, trendy Yaletown, the serene and picturesque Stanley Park, Granville Island and Capilano Suspension Bridge which is a pricey walk…come on $40 to cross a bridge.

Is this a Chris Christie ploy?


Restaurants abound and we indulged in several outstanding places, especially birthday dinner at Blue Water Cafe in Yaletown which is a SoHo type district, sitting next to Kyra Sedgwick’s massive hair do and Berger from Sex and the City.

Berger has not aged well and I left a post it telling him so.

Granville Island
Granville Island

Canadians are happy people and I think I now know why…every single joint in Vancouver has Happy Hour…for hours on end.

Drinking is a national pastime accompanied by insanely delicious fresh oysters.

That could become a habit.

The wedding was a love in so I suggested a vow renewal to my husband.

He graciously declined.

Still a reason to celebrate so I went online and ordered designer shoes, signifying that we are indeed a perfect pair.

Sunday dawned brisk and sunny and it was time to wing our way back to reality.


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  1. Sitting in our hotel room in Madagascar reading your blog post. What a whirlwind!! Such a perfect few days with some wonderful people ? xo

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