Swingin’ To The Blues…


On edge.

I have the Sunday blues.

I am thrown into despair after a ridiculous NY Giants loss.

They lost the game on penalties and turnovers and I am suffering anguish in the aftermath.

They probably headed home in designer clothes, driving their Range Rovers and Porsches with their 6 digit weekly salary check in their man purse and I am experiencing post game despair.

I am feeling as if I am 15 years-old again and I forgot to write my term paper which is 50% of my grade.

The loss has permeated my state of mind.

I know…it’s just a football game, but not to me.

Everything tonight is looming large.

I have a wedding this weekend and I forgot to organize an outfit…a bit late to start figuring that out.

My daughter is in the throws of packing up all her belongings and moving across the country.

Separation anxiety and disarray.

It reminds me that I am driving coast to coast with her and our dogs and have not yet decided on the route.

Perhaps we can stop along the way and take on the role of traveling Hillary preachers.

I am sure the middle of this presently deranged country will welcome us with open arms and guns drawn.

I have to pack up for the trip and organize all the dog’s belongings since they have decided to relocate, as well.

Talk about empty nest.

I still have to take care of my mom’s bookkeeping, get a haircut, volunteer for Hillary this week, worry about the debate and the nightmare of having Donald Trump as president, schedule a colonoscopy, have my annual mammogram…

Holy shit, I feel as if I am drowning.

If only the Giants had won everything would not appear to be so overwhelming and I could meet all my obligations with a smile on my face and a victory song resonating in my heart.

Damn Giants.

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