4 Letter word…


Vote…a four letter word that you should repeat over and over again through November 8th, 2016.

Live to be bold, concerned and aggressive.

This week, Josh Whedon, the Avengers writer and director, debuted a promotional video for his new super PAC, Save The Day, a digital production company that is “dedicated to the idea that voting is a necessary and heroic act.”

The video doesn’t mention presidential candidates Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump by name.

But, actor Don Cheadle gets brash and sassy shining a spotlight on a, “racist, abusive coward that could permanently damage the fabric of our society.”

Ring a bell?

While the video is somewhat lighthearted, it addresses a real problem…many Americans feel that voting is useless and their votes don’t matter.
They do.

Just channel the, Feel The Bern supporters, who declared after the Democratic convention that they would not vote for Hillary.

Delusional cowards. Look at the alternatives.

Please watch this video over the weekend and pass it on, again and again and again.

VOTE on November 8th or you are fired from being a dedicated American and lose the right to complain.

Being unable to complain is un-American so get off your collective bums and VOTE.

BTW, it is going to be incredible to have a woman in the White House.

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