Dramatic Performance…



I do not think anyone can fully comprehend my obsession with the New York Football Giants.

I do not understand it and I live it.

It has been this way since I was A two year-old…so I am told.

I woke up yesterday with a queasy stomach.

Was there an issue with Saturday night’s sushi dinner?

No, it was week 2 of the NFL season and the Giants were on tap for a 10am kick off against the New Orleans Saints.

We walked the dogs, hit up the local farmer’s market and I settled in with my daughter to watch the game.

My husband took a leave of absence because if something went wrong he knows that I will turn on him and he would shoulder the blame for exuding bad karma.

I am very superstitious so I donned the same NY Giants t-shirt that I wore last week because the Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys.

I assumed my spot on the couch, Courtny took her assigned seat.

My daughter always reprimands me for being too vocal during games, but it is completely unpremeditated.

My feelings just jump out of my mouth and bounce off the walls.

The game was another nail biter with 3 fumbles, two hideous series inside the three yard line and no points to show for incredible field position and a 1:39 second ending that almost killed me.

During the melee Courtny was dressing for the Emmys.

She exited just as the last second ticked off the game clock and the Giants made the game winning field goal, securing a 16-13 win.

The NY Giants and Courtny went out winners.

I am happy to report that I won an Emmy for best performance in a real life dramatic series.

NY Giants QB, Eli Manning
NY Giants QB, Eli Manning

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