Half day for many working Americans today.

So, here’s a post addressing all the half-wit Trump supporters.

The simple definition in the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of half-wit is “a foolish or stupid person.”

A  photo of Donald Trump should accompany the meaning.

Question: My fellow Americans, what the ‘F’ are you thinking?

I am overwhelmingly disgusted by the fiery immigration policy that Trump presented or should I say, screamed, late Wednesday night.

photo: infostormer.com

Hitler’s face kept superimposing over the Orange One.

This parasite is a candidate for President.

His candidacy is more debilitating than the Zika virus.

He spews hate and prejudice, blaming minorities for all the HUGE problems in America.

Sound familiar?!

Do people really believe that on Trump’s first day in office that all the illegal immigrants are going to have a blow out tailgating party and then board buses for remote parts of Mexico.

Trump emphatically stated that they were not going to be dumped right across the U.S./Mexico border…too convenient for illegal re-entry.

No, the masses will be tossed in a remote area.

Who’s driving them or is Air Trump shuttling them to Mexico?

What a half baked idea by a heartless prig.

My peeps, have a HUGE, BEAUTIFUL holiday weekend (Devil is on hiatus until Tuesday) and consider what the next Labor Day weekend would be like if half-wit is elected.

Wake up this weekend and smell the potential destruction of this already great country.


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