Cloudy With a Chance of Pizza…



When my daughter was growing up she loved the book, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

The book was published in 1978.

In light of the technology crazy 21st century, I am considering updating the book.

Let’s rename it, Cloudy With A Chance of Pizza.


Well, inconceivable until now, Domino’s is going to be delivering pizza via drones.

No longer will we be grazing in the grass, splayed on our backs, glancing up at cloud formations and detecting dinosaurs, cats, dogs, bunnies, unicorns.

No, now we will see pepperoni pizza cloud images, thin crust pies with multiple toppings reflected in azure skies.

Domino, the technology-hungry chain, intends to take pizza delivery via drone mainstream, starting in New Zealand.

The pizza drones are constructed with the help of 3D printing, lowering food to hungry customers on the ground via tether.

Why New Zealand and not pizza obsessed America?
Apparently, New Zealand has the most forward-thinking aviation regulations in the world.
Do not get all crusty about the lack of delivery here.
It will happen, but, in my mind, there are logistical issues.

If you are an apartment dweller, what do you do?

Hang on the roof, wait patiently in the street?

If it’s a Saturday night, do you want everyone knowing you are sitting home, eating a pepperoni, extra cheese pizza?

Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to be anonymous, safely indoors, wearing my pj’s and have someone ring my bell.

I am vulnerable on the streets of NYC. My pepperoni pie could be abducted.

I also envision price increases as well as many delivery people out of a job.

The whole drone thing sounds cheesy to me.

Anyway, here is an opportunity to experience drone pizza delivery:



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